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J&D's Great Deals

Wiper Blades

Most blades are $6 each, the long blades are $7 each.  Installation is free.  That is all there is to it.  

Rear windshield blades are not stocked but often can be ordered and be available for installation after other work is completed.

Sport blades are not stocked but readily available during regular business hours.  Our pricing on sport blades is also very competitive. Call 856-575-1227 to get pricing on blades for your car.


We offer the best tire pricing to our customers.   We recognize the need for competition and do the best we can to offer the most competitive pricing on tires.  J&D does not have sale pricing because everyday the pricing is at the lowest possible price.  We prefer competitive pricing and selling tires at lower prices.  

The mounting and balancing is very competitive at $16.50 to mount and balance one tire.  Tires are balanced by using multiple spins to get the tire into a balanced state.  

Lug nuts are hand torqued to the specified torque for the vehicle with the use of torque sticks and torque wrenches.  Vehicle specific torque specifications are followed .  Tightening the lug nuts to the correct torque prolongs the life of the rim, the rotor and facilitates the changing of tires using hand tools.